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Gold has always been the identifiable precious metal. It has been used as currency in the ancient times and has been ideal for indirect exchange. Since it is so valuable, and there are so many versions out there, it gets extremely confusing to decide what is the right kind of gold you need. Every jewelry that is termed as gold isn’t necessarily that. Some of the gold versions include solid or yellow gold, gold plated, gold filled, white gold and rose gold. Despite being termed as gold, there is so much difference in their core making itself that their prices can be drastically. The value of pure gold also fluctuates basis the fluctuations in the trading market. While the use of gold as an active currency has drastically reduced, within the jewelry industries it continues to hold a prised position. Below are some differences between the kind of gold jewelry available and the difference between them. This should help in picking the right kind of jewelry basis your reason to buy one.


  1. Gold: In its purest form, Gold is very soft and it is this softness that makes it easy for artists and designers to create various elaborate designs with it. The value of gold is also derived from the fact that it is an element. This means that the truly solid gold is just gold metal and hence it goes untarnished. To make it sturdy, pure gold is often mixed with another element to form an alloy to ensure that the jewelry doesn’t get bent and out of shape. The purity of gold is measured in the term Karats and the gold in its purest form is referred to as 24 Karat or 24K. 24K gold is also named Solid Gold. Other karat ratings such as 22k, 18k, 16k, 14k or 10k include higher percentages of base metals like copper or silver.


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  1. What is Gold Filled? Compared to Solid Gold (Gold 24k), Gold Filled is a layered gold product. Gold Filled is constructed in several layers, usually two or three. The core metal, usually brass, is heated and pressured with several layers of gold. Unlike plated, Gold Filled requires containing 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. Gold filled is most of the time more expensive than plated and does not tarnish over time. Our Gold-filled items are 14k gold-filled. 14k Gold-filled products are identified as 14/20 Gold-filled. 14kt Gold-Filled can also be accepted. 


  1. Colored gold: To make it more sturdy, Gold os blended with another base metal to form an alloy that alters some of the properties of the gold metal. It is more often than not mixed with base metals such as silver, copper, and palladium. The alloys are created to retain the core properties of the gold that make it desirable and preferred. They will not erode or be tarnished, are soft enough to be adapted into preferred elaborate designs and are hypoallergenic. While most alloys retain the pure gold’s characteristic yellow collar, some alloys are blended in different proportions to give a specific color to the metal. When Gold is fused with Silver, Nickel or other white metals, forms White Gold. White Gold could still have a hint of yellow basis the percentage of metals mixed. When Gold is fused with copper, the alloy is rose gold. Its name comes from the resultant soft pink color.


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  1. Gold plated: A very thin layer of gold is transferred onto a base metal like copper, brass or Silver. This makes the jewelry look like gold but is more affordable than the solid gold or gold filled. Because the layer of gold is superficially added and is extremely thin, the breakdown of base metals affects the gold layer as the jewelry ages. Copper as the base metal may leave a greenish tinge on the skin of the person wearing the jewelry, to avoid it we use brass or silver for a higher quality. 







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