Top 10 gift ideas for your bestie

Top 10 gift ideas for your Best Friend


Friends are an integral part of our life. From the time we begin to interact with people beyond our family we start making new friends. Strangers become a part of the inner circle and then as the number of friends increase, some become good friends, some become Best friends, and very few ones become the BFFs or the Best Friends Forever. Especially because the friends are so close to us, when it comes to special occasions, we go on an overdrive to get the best gifts possible as the symbol of our friendship. Just because your friend has it all doesn’t mean your gift shouldn’t be special. We have put together some cool gift ideas that your bestie is sure to love.


  1. Tickets to an event/concert: All of us have grown up with favorite music and bands. With the volume of band tours happening across the globe, there are several ones that we have on our wish list to attend. Gift your friend a perfect fan moment with tickets to the concert that both of you could possibly attend together.


  1. Friendship Jewelry: A fun piece of jewelry is ideal friendship gifts to share with your friends what they mean to you. They are perfect gifts for birthdays, friendship days or just general gestures to show affection. The ever classic best friend necklaces come in all kinds of variations. You could get your names engraved on them as well. Friendship Rings and best friend bracelets add more subtle touches to friendship accessories.


  1. A yearly subscription to a streaming site: If your friend loves watching shows and movies then a yearly subscription to sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime work the best. This can also be a perfect last minute-gift in case you can’t find an appropriate gift in time.


  1. Spa treatment: Book your friend a spa appointment to help unwind from a hectic lifestyle schedule.


  1. Polaroid Camera: Help your friend capture the memorable moments in their life that they can cherish forever.


  1. Movie merchandise: If your friend is a geek who loves to collect movie memorabilia then you could gift him or her a range of merchandise like action figures, clothing, mugs, keychains, books posters etc.


  1. Passes for an amusement park: Gift your friend an unforgettable experience of revisiting their childhood through an all-expense paid trip to the amusement park. A day filled with roller coaster rides, cotton candy, and goofy antics is going to put you on the top of the best friends list.

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  1. Gift Baskets: Goodie bags and gift baskets enjoyable gifts with a touch of fancy. The gift baskets could contain a range of items such as a makeup kit, body washes and shower gels, lotions, candies, cookies etc. and are easy to mix and match.

  2. Gadgets: Electronic accessories are as much enjoyed as their more flashier counterparts. A fancy Bluetooth speaker or noise-canceling headphones do wonders for the style quotient.


  1. Quotes jar: You could either buy this or make this one yourself. Take a mason jar and fill it up with handwritten notes and quotes and bits of other decorative like glitter. Whenever your friend needs a pick-me-up then he or she can pull out a note and read from it.


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