Years ago, Mother’s Day was a just a way to recognize the social and political rights of women. Before 1910, in many developed countries, women were working, and they were working hard. Textile industry, home services – you name it. However, sexual discrimination and poor payments have started to raise an entire movement. It was one step away from industrial revolution. In 1908, more than 15.000 women protested in NY asking for shorter work schedules, better salaries and the right to vote.

One year later, the first National Women’s day was celebrated on the 28th of February in the US. In times of great social restrains, The International Mother’s day was also associated with traditional protests and politic activism. It was the beginning of the feminine era, and this day has been adopted by more and more countries, as an occasion to celebrate the woman power in its full beauty and complexity.

Did you know that…?

1975 has been declared “The International year of Women” by the ONU (The Organization of the United Nations)?

Today, we celebrate Mother’s Day for all the reasons above and much more. It is a wonderful way to show gratitude, love and appreciation for those who have given us life. Often, it is nice to symbolize our feelings through a gift; words are always meaningful, but sometimes they are forgotten in the flow of emotions. This is why at Beautiz we try to compel feelings into little shiny tokens of appreciation. What kind of gift would be able to gather all of our feelings? We owe our mothers the people we have become today – some of us are good, some...less good – but the most important thing is that they have always been by our side, one way or another, giving us unconditioned love, whenever we needed the most. A box of chocolate is a tasty treat, but after it’s gone, what becomes the remainder of this special day? Nothing…an empty box L

Choosing the best gift for Mother’s Day can be a tricky task for anyone, but remember this: if it comes from the heart, your mother will know! Beautiz features an array of high quality, unique jewelry and accessories that you can choose from. Here are just few ideas on what could become the ideal gift for your mother. However, feel free to choose anything else from Beautiz – all of our products have been carefully crafted to highlight femininity, grace and style:

* Sterling silver jewelry

Necklaces: Frozen (fine silver necklace with a flower pendant adorned with countless little white crystals), Pompadour (.925 silver necklace featuring a royal, rectangular crystal pendant), Richelieu (an exquisite necklace with an intricate symmetric pendant).

Earrings: Atlantis (classy silver earrings featuring a deep blue rectangular crystal), Barcelona (for mothers who love European fashion, a silvery serpent-like design, very trendy!)

* Gold plated collection - Necklaces: Diamond (a stylish gold plated necklace featuring a white rectangular crystal pendant, similar to a diamond), Alvie (chic necklace with a pendant made of tree circles, one covered with white crystals).

* Charms bracelets: Charming Mom (purple and lilac beads with intricate metal sculpted connections), Dedicated Love (high quality pink beads linked by silvery accessories and a heart pendant as a centerpiece).

Mother’s day is a special day – not only for mothers, but for women around the world. Make sure they feel special – just like the sun rises and sets on them. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a statement, and this is why Beautiz is the ideal gift partner for any occasion.

Take some time to check our collections – we are sure you will know immediately what’s right for your mother. After all, you are the best part of her!

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