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There is magic in the air during Christmas. All the hopes get renewed and anticipation runs high. Carol singers begin their practice and one can see the beginnings of festivities all around. Xmas is also the time to bring out the Christmas movies and watch them with the family leading up to the Christmas eve. All the old Christmas tree ornaments come out of the attic and new ones get added to the pile. And then comes choosing the perfect Christmas Tree to decorate. The excitement of making a making the Christmas list for gifts is pretty much as exciting as hoping to receive what you wished for. Over the years simple traditions have become more elaborate and there is a constant pressure of finding the perfect gift for the loved ones and even those we interact with regularly. If all this pressure wasn’t enough, there is also the need to find an unusual gift for the special people in our lives.


When you ask your significant other or parents what do they want for Christmas, the standard answer is '‘we don’t need anything” which is a code for “Your gift better be worthwhile”. Kids, on the other hand, end up demanding cool Christmas gifts and their Christmas list for Father Christmas goes through multiple drafts. To add to the confusion, Festive sales and product launches that are meant to decide for you only add to the confusion.

Online shopping helps skip the mad Christmas store rush but the categories can get overwhelming. So what should one do to ensure that even the store bought gift has that personal touch? How does one overcome the mind-boggling choices and prepare to battle the manic shopping crowd? Here are some tips you can use to ensure that the Christmas Gift shopping is once again a pleasant experience it's meant to be.

Christmas gifts ideas Beautiz

  • Make it Fancy: The best part of the gift is actually before the gift is opened. It's the excitement of guessing what is the gift basis the packaging. What is the point of spending so much time, thought and money on a perfect gift and then it's wrapped in a drab or generic packaging? Make the unwrapping the gifts more fun.

 Christmas Gift Beautiz

  • Unforgettable experiences: Gifts come in all shapes, sizes and prices. They also have a shelf life. They either become outdated or break or lie forgotten on a display shelf. No matter how important the person is, the gift from that person is only special until a new gift comes along. So why not gift an experience instead? Some of the experiences could include workshops basis the interests, adventure sports, amusement parks or even solo vacation. Couples spa or personalized jewelry is also another good gift for your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or mom.

 Christmas Personalized Gift Beautiz

  • Personalize: Add your personal touch to the gift that you have put so much thought into. You could write a personalized poem or a note, maybe gift a handmade card instead of buying one, knit a Christmas sweater, make a collage or a scrapbook of life’s special moments or find any other way to make the gift a little more special.


  • Crazy spin: A gift doesn’t necessarily have to be practical or useful. It could also be fun and hilarious. Buy a funny book for your always serious boss, if your best friend loves purple, gift her a bunch of purple stuff from pillows to a Egg plant (Brinjal).


There are also some markers or identifiers you use to be able to master the art of gifting. Here is a suggestion cheat sheet to help decode the gifts for various people in your life:


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  • Great gifts for men: While men complain it's difficult to shop for women because they are so particular, shopping for men poses an exact opposite problem. Most products are targeted for women while choices for men are ridiculously limited. Hence some innovation is needed to make the gifts special for the men of your life. Boys certainly love their toys so you could gift a gadget that they wanted since a while, a limited edition watch, Special edition alcohol bottle to add to the carefully curated bar, or even some fun experiences that they always wished to be a part of.


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  • Gift Ideas for Women: Shopping for women can be stressful enough to get you panicking to the extreme levels. It is a problem of plenty. What are the perfect Christmas presents for Mom, what are the perfect gifts for wife, Girlfriend or sister? More personalized gifts are ideal. Limited edition accessories, Luxury treatments and experiences, personalized and designer jewelry are some of the gifts that you could consider.


  • Funny gifts: Close friends and work colleagues appreciate a good sense of humor. They are ideal people to gift some quirky and unique gifts. Internet has some interesting merchandise ideas that could be apt choices.


  • Christmas gifts for girls: For those little ladies and princesses in your life, the gifts have to be extra special. Be it your niece, little sister, cousin or daughter, your gift should either be standing out or it will get lost in the piles of presents. Hint: Anything to do with Unicorns is probably the best bet.

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  • Secret Santa: This is one of the most exciting events amongst the workplace events. The pressure is no less however the whole secrecy around the event and trying to guess who is the secret Santa ads to the mystery element. More often than not we might get a co-worker we hardly know. Also, we wouldn’t want to come across as a cheapskate in case the word got out. Hence it's best to go with a careful selection of unique gifts that don’t burn a hole in your pockets. Anything from hobby kits to board games could work.


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