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Get hip with the hip flask trends


Hip flasks have been among the trendier and classic accessories. They are a practical way of sipping alcohol on the go. Traditionally, hip flasks have largely been a gentleman’s accessories but with changing times they are becoming fashion accessories for women as well. Hip Flasks are generally used to carry whiskey but other forms of alcohol can be carried in it as well. Some liquor flasks are designed with a purpose in mind but most others are quick booze fixes. Hip Flask also comes with an accessory of its own called the Flask Funnel. A Flask funnel is used to ease out the pouring process.



The main function of a hip flask is to discretely carry the liquor as it is small enough to fit into a pocket without being seen. In the older times, the hip flasks were made of pewter, silver or glass. Modern-day flasks are more trendy and are made from stainless steel and even plastic to avoid detection while passing through a metal detector. While they vary in shapes and sizes, their standard sizes are 2.5, 4 or 8 ounces. Hip flasks have been notorious and drinkers use it to discretely bend the rules. They are actually perfect allies to carry your favorite spirit while traveling.



Types of Hip Flasks


Hip flasks are excellent gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or even weddings. Personalized flasks add a unique touch to the otherwise common looking flask. Groomsmen flasks are perfect for the boys to bond. The types of flasks range from simple to manly to cute flask Some types of flasks are as below that will help you choose the best flask to suit your need:


Stainless Steel Flask: This is the modern-day variant to its more vintage counterpart. It can either be plain or be engraved and designed as per need.


Antique Flask: With the significant history attached to them like their previous owner, or their origin, these make a premium gift and a collectible. They might not necessarily be used regularly but form great show and conversational piece.


Silver Flask: Historically, Silver was used in making the flasks as it did not react with Alcohol. Vintage flasks that were made of pure silver can still be procured however silver flasks currently available aren’t pure silver.


Leather Flask: A Leather flask is a stainless steel flask encased in leather. It could either be an actual leather or faux leather and could either be attached to the flask or be removable like a pouch.


Pewter Flask: Pewter was amongst the earliest used materials to make a Hip flask. Though they aren’t very easily found currently, they are rare collectors’ items.


Gold Flask: Just like silver, one tends to find a gold plated flask rather than a solid gold one in the current times. If you are looking to own a slightly flashy hit flash then gold is the way to go.


The hip flasks not only come in several materials but also shapes such as:

  • Kidney Flask: It’s better designed to fit against the body.
  • Pocket Flask: Fit into most pockets.
  • Top pocket flask: Hold about 3 ounces of alcohol and is narrower than the typical pocket flask.
  • Round Flask: To fit into purses.
  • Customized flask: Preferred for gifting.

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