Are Dyson Hairdryers Worth the Money?

Dyson has become somewhat of a household name in the past few years for its high-end, innovative products. The British company has brought its technology-focused approach to everything from vacuum cleaners to hair dryers. Dyson offers several different models of hair dryers, which can be confusing. There are also costs involved, so you’ll need to know if they are worth the money before purchasing one. Let’s take a look at all things Dyson hair dryer and see if these hair care accessories are worth the investment for your budget and needs.

Dyson Hair Dryer Features

There are a few key features that set Dyson hair dryers apart from other brands. First, they have cyclonic technology, which means the air is forced through a small nozzle at high speed, separating out the water molecules to leave your hair completely dry. Conventional dryers suck water off the hair and blow it into the air around you, which is quite harmful to your health. Dyson also offers an incredibly long cord, up to 8 feet long. This will allow you to move around freely while drying your hair, which is very helpful if you have long hair. The filters on Dyson hair dryers are also very efficient in trapping lint, so there should be very little clean-up required.

Dyson Hair Dryer Prices

Dyson dryers range in price from around $100 for their most basic model to $400 for their most advanced and high-end dryer. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is their most expensive model and is available for around $399. Dyson’s high-end price tags and their position as a luxury brand suggest that their products are not worth the money. However, they have a long history of producing high-quality products and are renowned for their durability.

Why Are Dyson Hair Dryers So Expensive?

Dyson hairdryers cost more than most other brands because most of their models are cordless. This means there will be a motor in the handle of the dryer, which is much more expensive than putting the motor in the wall. Dyson has also spent a lot of money researching and developing new technologies that help to create more efficient hair dryers. All of these factors result in a high price tag, which may put off many consumers who want to dry their hair quickly without damaging it.

Dyson Hairdryers vs. Conventional Dryers

Dyson hair dryers are a high-end option that come with a high-end price tag. However, they offer some significant advantages over conventional hair dryers. While there are some cheaper options available, they are definitely not as efficient at drying hair as a Dyson model. Conventional hair dryers can also cause a lot of damage to your hair, especially if you are using them on high heat. With a Dyson hair dryer, you can use the temperature that is best for your hair type, so you don’t risk frying it. Another benefit of a Dyson hair dryer is that they are quieter than many conventional models. If you have roommates or children sleeping in the same house, you won’t want to use a hair dryer that is so loud it will wake them.

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Review

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the most expensive model but is also their most advanced and high-end option. It is the first hair dryer to use the company’s V9 technology, which is designed to be quieter and more efficient than their previous models. The V9 motor drives the air, which spins at over 100,000 revolutions per minute and creates a tornado-like cyclone. This technology is designed to completely dry your hair, but it also uses very little energy. This model also comes with a 2-year warranty. The only real downside to this model is the price tag. It retails for around $399, which is the most expensive hair dryer on the market. However, it is the most efficient and therefore dries your hair the quickest. This hair dryer is also one of the quietest models available, so you won’t wake up anyone sleeping in your house while you use it.

Dyson V8 Review

The Dyson V8 Hair Dryer is the company’s entry-level model, designed for those with medium-length hair who want a reliable and efficient hair dryer without spending too much money. Dyson’s V8 model is the first hair dryer to use their new V9 technology, which the company has applied to the entire V8 range. This means the V8 model is quieter, more efficient, and comes with a longer cord than previous models. The V8 hair dryer retails for around $99, which is around $200 less than the Supersonic model. It is not as advanced, so it will not completely dry your hair. However, it is a good option for those with medium-length hair who don’t want to spend a fortune on a hair dryer.

Dyson Pro Review

The Dyson Pro Hair Dryer is the company’s most affordable model and is designed for those with short hair who want a quick and easy way to dry their hair. This model retails for just $69, which is around $350 less than the V8 model. It is designed for those with shorter hair and does not come with a nozzle to help direct the airflow. This model does, however, come with a clip to hold your hair up while you dry it. This is a good option for those on a budget who don’t mind spending a bit more time drying their hair. Because this model is not as advanced as the V8 model, it won’t be as efficient and may take longer to dry your hair.