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The Epitome of Beautiz Elegance - Silver Earrings
By Beautiz Team

Fashion and Silver Jewellery online store news

Have you ever wondered what kind of jewellery highlights the best the woman beauty? Rings are meant to underline the finesse of a woman’s finger; bracelets embellish a soft wrist while necklaces delicately lead the sight to the woman’s neckline and chest. However, there is nothing that draws more attention to a woman’s face and beauty than a well-chosen pair of silver jewelry earrings.

Silver jewelery earrings are perhaps one of the most common yet always appreciated gifts for any woman, on just any occasion. We bet you wonder why so many men choose a pair of earrings instead of an old fashioned ring. First of all, rings are mainly related to commitment; therefore, a man will always pick a wonderful pair of earrings whenever he wants to express his love, respect or admiration without putting too much pressure to go a bit further, the ear lobe is a well-known erotic zone; one cannot just leave it unnoticed! A delicate pair of silver earrings will lead the sight…and not only, straight to the right direction.

Things are definitely getting hotter! Just as silver earrings! Did you know that a recent study has revealed that in the past years, women have been more interested in purchasing silver jewelery than jewelery made of precious metals such as gold and platinum? In fact, this popular trend was launched from several reasons: the economic crisis, the continuous emancipation of women from around the world and their preference in choosing a type of metal that has a deeper significance and versatility.

We have chosen to mention only few of the earring models we feature on Beautiz.com, simply because the limited space doesn’t allow us to present you the entire range. We promise we will mention more in the following article. Therefore, without any other introduction, we present you… *drums:

* Stardust and Stella – Fine star-shaped Silver .925 earrings, adorned with white zircon; if you want a piece of stardust, these items are an ideal choice.

* White Fairytale and Purple Fairytale – A wonderful way to return to our childhood tales, with sparkly white and purple fairytale silver 925 earrings.

* Cuba – Achieving that exotic look of Cuban woman is now easy with the Cuba round silver earrings with delicate white zircon.

* Vaux le Viconte – For an aristocratic look, fit for a 16th century lady but also for the cosmopolitan ones, this pair of silver earrings features a rectangular amethyst oxide surrounded by countless little white zircons.

* Aquatica – Creating a refreshing look during the hot summer days or matching the immaculate winter days is now an effortless task if you choose the Beautiz Aquatica Silver 925 earrings.

* Disco Ball – Yes, you can turn into the Dance floor Queen with the round shiny Disco ball earrings. Now you can be the star of the night!

* Souffle d’Ange – Featuring two delicate silver angel wings, our Souffle d’Ange silver earrings are meant to give you an angelic look at any time of the day.

Unlimited choices for unlimited tastes! Silver earrings are some of the most popular pieces of jewellery today. If you are fashion conscious, do not hesitate to choose silver earrings; they are carefully crafted, diverse and price convenient. Ready to express your uniqueness?

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