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Never Underestimate the Power of Accessories: The Exquisite Beautiz Handbags
By Beautiz Team

Fashion and Silver Jewellery online store news

Enough is definitely not a word to describe a woman’s desire for bags and shoes. Since the making of the world, bags were amongst the sacred three elements of accessories, besides shoes and jewelery. Everybody knows it. Women know it, fashion designers know it and most of all, and men know it! Yes, men will never understand a woman’s need for bags. This is why, here at beautiz.net, we offer an extended range of bags for just any occasion, outfit and style.

Based on the latest trends in bag design and innovative choice of materials and colors, the new bags collection from Beautiz will surely put any shopper in trouble. Not the trouble you would think of! These bags are so deliciously chic, that you will not know which one(s) to choose!

Step back, breath in and relax. You are right in the Bags Kingdom!

Beautiz.com features over 50 styles of clutch purses that come in a variety of vivid colours, minimalist designs and smart decorations. The Beautiz bag collection is perfectly aligned with the latest fashion that set minimalism and powerful colors as trend setters.

Hot pink , bright yellow, deep green or electric blue are just few of the colour choice you have if you decide to purchase one of the chic Beautiz bags. All bags are made of high quality fake leather and we added only the most fashionable decorations, including belts, stamps or fringes. The Beautiz bags collection has everything you need to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

Craftsmanship is the key to a beautiful purse, and here at Beautiz we know the measure of quality.

•             Pink – Elegance, Roselyne, Princesse Elise, Mona, Saint Tropez.

•             Yellow – Rue de Rennes, Aventure, Sandra, Faverolles, Safari (with leopard print), and Decouverte.

•             Orange – Saint Germaine des Pres, Plaisir Tangerine, Amsterdam, Un soir d’ete.

•             Blue – Saint Malo, Papeete.

•             Green – Edmonton, Pergolese.

Our handbags are made from sumptuous fake leather featuring vivid, bright colours and they are nicely decorated with delicious simple accessories. From teenage girls to funky grandmothers, there is nothing more fashionable than a well-chosen handbag. Whether you take your Beautiz handbag at the office, at school or a sleek cocktail party, our simple handbags can turn into a fashion statement. Beautiz handbags successfully combine great style with utility. Here are five key qualities of a Beautiz handbag:

•             Fashionable;

•             Functional;

•             Versatile;

•             Durable;

•             Never out of style.

What sacrifices would you have to make to afford one of the Beautiz handbags? If you quit coffee for a month would you be able to purchase a Beautiz handbag? Maybe give up your hair salon appointments? Don’t worry; you don’t have to give an arm or a leg for one of our exquisite handbags. The IT-handbag is the ultimate object of desire for trendy women, not just for supermodels or public figures, but for working women from all walks of life.  Complement your unique style with any of the Beautiz handbags, no matter the occasion!

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