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Valentines day - Find perfect gifts for her. Beautiz.
By Beautiz Team

Beautiz Valentines Day Offer

<<Roses are red,/Violets are blue,/ Beautiz is sweet,/And so are you! >>

 “It was upon a Sommers shynie day,

When Titan faire his beames did display,

In a fresh fountaine, farre from all mens vew,

She bath'd her brest, the boyling heat t'allay;

She bath'd with roses red, and violets blew,

And all the sweetest flowers, that in the forrest grew.”

(1590, Sir Edmund Spenser from the epic “The Faerie Queene”)


Here is our own version of the well-known Valentine’s Day rhyme, supposedly derived from the above 1590’s poem. There are so many things to say about love…an article is simply not enough to cover all the aspects. Wars were started over love, dynasties have crashed or pacts have been made for the sake of love. It is the one characteristic that makes us human; celebrating love should be a perpetual event, not only for Valentine’s Day.  However, let’s consider it one extra occasion when you can express your love. Beautiz truly believes that love makes the world go round, so we decided to launch a special Valentine’s Day collection, just to make it easier for you to pick the best gift for the one you love.

The centerpiece of the collection is the “heart”, creatively introduced in every piece of the Beautiz jewelery in order to illustrate the greatness of the feeling we call LOVE.

  • Purple Heart is a sensual necklace featuring a heart shaped pendant. The pendant was carefully embellished with countless purple crystals that will delicately underline the beauty of the wearer.


  • Venise is the perfect choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day gift. The heart shaped earrings, adorned with white crystals will surely shine during a romantic Valentine’s dinner. However, she will be the main attraction, and not just because she will wear her Beautiz Venise earrings.


  • Arabesque brings the exotic flavor of the Orient in a simple, yet distinctive necklace. Manufactured from the best materials, nickel and lead free, this is a necklace that is both wonderful and versatile. The heart shaped pendant has two sides> one that glitters thanks to dozens of white crystals and one that features alembicated, oriental designs. If you are looking for a special Valentine’s Day gift, this is surely a perfect choice.


  • White Heart - White Heart is a sensual necklace featuring a heart shaped pendant. The pendant was carefully decorated with countless bright white crystals that will delicately underline the beauty of the wearer.


  • Forever. Some say nothing lasts forever. Well…love does. One should not wait for Valentine’s Day for choosing a symbol of such eternal love. Beautiz tries to inspire all lovers by launching the Forever necklace, a wonderful memento of strong love. The circle has always been representative for eternity, so we tried to physically represent the concept by adding a pendant made from two united circles: one for HIM, and one for HER.


  • Forever. The symbolic Forever necklace comes with a matching bracelet, just as stylish as its pair.


  • First Love – If you like classic, yet timeless designs, the First Love necklace is the gift you should order. Featuring a sweet, classic heart pendant, this piece reminds us of the necklace you usually choose for your childhood sweetheart. Innocence, timeless design and quality – this is the Beautiz trademark.


  • Sparkling Love – And when feeling LOVE is simply not enough and you feel like showing it to the whole world, a necklace with a pendant that actually spells LOVE is what you need. The emotional calligraphy is gently completed by matching white crystals, adding glamour to your love declaration. The necklace has a matching bracelet, sold separately.

When it comes to true love, Valentine’s Day is just another day to express what you feel. Make sure you cherish the one you love in every single way: with words, gestures, affection, support and unconditional love. Whenever it is time to enhance all the above, remember Beautiz is here for you!

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