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Custom Engraving By Beautiz. Unique Jewellery Gift
By Beautiz

Beautiz personnalized jewelry

Custom Engraving By Beautiz – Unique Jewellery Dedicated To Your Loved Ones

Do you think regular gifts are outdated? Do you want something unique, something that no one else in the world has? If so, you will surely appreciate custom engraving. You are the perfect candidate for the newest service by Beautiz – custom jewelry engraving.

It’s true – after searching numerous jewellery stores and websites and still not finding a gift that is truly special – something that represents your unique bond or the special personality of the receiver – perhaps it is time to take chance into your own hands. 

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Make this Year’s Mother’s Day Count! – with Unique Beautiz Jewellery
By Beautiz Team

Beautiz Jewelry. Best Mother's Day Presents

Years ago, Mother’s Day was a just a way to recognize the social and political rights of women. Before 1910, in many developed countries, women were working, and they were working hard. Textile industry, home services – you name it. However, sexual discrimination and poor payments have started to raise an entire movement. It was one step away from industrial revolution. In 1908, more than 15.000 women protested in NY asking for shorter work schedules, better salaries and the right to vote.

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Say No to Commonness with Beautiz Silver bracelets
By Beautiz Team

Beautiz Fashion Jewellery online Store in Canada and USA

“1, 2, 3, 4 tell me what are bracelets for!

5,6,7,8 Beautiz bracelets are just great!”

Wouldn’t it be fun if to make the most of our daily lives just like children do? We think that somewhere along the way, our innocence was lost. Everybody is trying to cope with jobs, families, friends while juggling minutes, seconds and hours. Why don’t you stop for just a few seconds and get back into that state of childhood innocence? Trust us, the experience is relieving and very positive.

The one thing I always remember with pleasure from my childhood is playing with my mother’s jewelery. It was all about trying to recreate my mother’s beauty and elegance. Today, if I want to relive that feeling, I just buy myself a fine bracelet. Why opt for fine bracelets instead of rings or earrings? Fine bracelets are a sign of independence, of creativity, even courage! Bracelets always seems to have their own story.

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Make-A-Wish® bracelet: Becoming a Wish Granter
By Beautiz Team

Beautiz Make a Wish

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is the most wonderful, yet the most difficult thing to accomplish. It is a world full of wonders, beauty and innocence. However, what happens when those innocent souls suffer? I tell you what we would do: ANYTHING, EVERYTHING to make them feel better, to allow them enjoy life just like everyone else.

And when individual gestures are simply not enough or not enough powerful to make a difference, people get together. From combined efforts, love and communication, great things can be achieved for children in need.

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Valentines day - Find perfect gifts for her. Beautiz.
By Beautiz Team

Beautiz Valentines Day Offer

<<Roses are red,/Violets are blue,/ Beautiz is sweet,/And so are you! >>

 “It was upon a Sommers shynie day,

When Titan faire his beames did display,

In a fresh fountaine, farre from all mens vew,

She bath'd her brest, the boyling heat t'allay;

She bath'd with roses red, and violets blew,

And all the sweetest flowers, that in the forrest grew.”

(1590, Sir Edmund Spenser from the epic “The Faerie Queene”)


Here is our own version of the well-known Valentine’s Day rhyme, supposedly derived from the above 1590’s poem. There are so many things to say about love…an article is simply not enough to cover all the aspects. Wars were started over love, dynasties have crashed or pacts have been made for the sake of love. It is the one characteristic that makes us human; celebrating love should be a perpetual event, not only for Valentine’s Day.  However, let’s consider it one extra occasion when you can express your love. Beautiz truly believes that love makes the world go round, so we decided to launch a special Valentine’s Day collection, just to make it easier for you to pick the best gift for the one you love.

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How to Underline a Beautiful Neckline with Beautiz Silver Jewelry Necklace
By Beautiz Team

Beautiz Fashion Jewellery online Store in Canada -  Fashion jewelry, bracelets and silver Jewelry - Perfect Fashion and Silver Jewelry

There are countless way one can underline a woman’s beauty. Accessories, jewellery and clothes are the sacred three elements of fashion (I would surely add the shoes as well). Since we are now on the hottest Fashion Jewellery Store, Beautiz.net, we will focus on jewelry, of course. Silver necklaces have brought their contribution in this beauty era by their mesmerizing design and everlasting style. In fact, they are so popular that vintage silver .925 necklaces have made a sound comeback in fashion. However, not everyone has fashionable mothers or grandmothers with old silver necklaces to pass over to the new generations. Silver necklaces are always stunning, regardless if they are simple, without pendants or if they feature unique accessories.

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Gifts from the Heart – the New Polaris Wrap Crystal Bracelet Collection
By Beautiz Team

Wrap Crystals Bracelet Collection - Beautiz Fashion Jewellery

Have you been a good girl? That’s what Santa would ask you before choosing you a nice Christmas present!

Don’t you simply love Christmas? For us, the arrival of Christmas equals with coming home… The smell of the turkey slowly cooking in the oven, the children around the Christmas tree and the shimmering snow covering the houses like a white, fluffy blanket… you got to love Christmas!

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Beautiz Christmas presents for the Ever-Changing Woman
By Beautiz Team

Beautiz - Fashion Jewellery Store - Bracelets and more

Christmas presents hunting is about to begin… for many people, searching for the perfect Christmas present is a true chore. Moreover, if they search for Christmas presents for a woman…it may turn into Mission impossible. The Woman is a perpetual mystery because she reinvents herself constantly with the passage of time. She blooms, she learns, she transforms – and transforms others on the way. How can you find a single stable element in this work of art called Woman? Her fashion taste changes every year, every season, friends and hobbies vary as well, making the choice of a proper Christmas gift a lottery ticket.

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Timeless Christmas Jewellery – This year at the Nutcracker Christmas Market
By Beautiz Team

Fashion and Silver Jewellery online store news

It’s that special time of the year!

The entire city gets decorated with millions of glittering lights, the smell of the pine trees brings back sweet childhood memories and families get together to spend unforgettable moments. It’s Christmas! What a wonderful winter holiday… not only for families, but also for women from around the world. The power of love to reach hearts, to inspire and to heal is undeniable. The Christmas spirit is not about material things, but sometimes, people try to express their love by offering significant gifts to the ones we appreciate the most.

From all the gifts we could possibly offer to special women in our lives, there is nothing more expressive, more delicate or more significant than a piece of jewelery. It is not about the price or the material; it is all about the meaning and the way that piece of jewelry complements the personality of the receiver.

Beautiz is delighted to share the festive spirit of Christmas by attending The Nutcracker Christmas market organized in Montreal from November 27 to December 7, 2014. If you want to purchase unique and significant gifts for the special women in your life make sure you check the Beautiz products.

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Style Revival with Wrap Bracelets
By Beautiz Team

Fashion and Silver Jewellery online store news

Wrap bracelets are perhaps the most versatile bracelets when it comes to wrist fitting. How many times did you want to buy a bracelet that simply didn’t fit your wrist? In my case, my wrists are very thin, and there were occasions when I wanted to buy a bracelet that was simply too large. You can only imagine the frustration, because I simply didn’t want to modify the length of the bracelet – it would never be the same! Therefore, I started to search for a bracelet that would universally satisfy any woman. Women with thin wrists, women with chunky wrists, muscular wrists, and fluffy wrists – you name it!

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